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40 years of experience

Selecting the right home is more than a matter of square footage and room count. An expert like Greg Garner will help you keep appraised of the ever-changing rules and regulations affecting the interests of a prospective home owner. Experience is critical to a real estate professional remaining conscious of changes in legalities whose effects may not impact the market for several years. These factors are apparent to a broker with 40 years of experience.

A nation-wide network and top-tier marketing tools are an invaluable asset and partnering with Compass allows Greg to better serve clients with such a powerful collaboration. However, in a time when technology has facilitated information access for all, it becomes imperative to have the steady guidance of an experienced professional packed with Pierce County familiarity garnered over a four-decade long career. Greg understands technology is an excellent tool to bring to a negotiation, yet it is not a factor of sole consideration in giving a client the confidence to move forward with an informed decision.

Meet Your Real Estate Broker

Greg Garner

The real estate scene has changed substantially from Greg’s initial days in business. Homes have swelled in size while lot sizes and lawn spaces have diminished. The planned community is now a sizable presence on the market. Technical specifications and aesthetic tastes may have drastically altered, but Greg knows that the importance of serving a client has not. While their needs may vary, the core of a successful negotiation has always been the drive to understand a client’s priorities and Greg carries that commitment with him.

Any questions I had, Greg was able to answer quickly. Any issues that arose he was able to resolve.




Compass Realty Logo real estateCOMPASS was formed 10 years ago and has grown to become the largest independent real estate brokerage in the United States. They are dedicated to providing their brokers with the finest tools and marketing from their team of hundreds of professionals from national tech and marketing firms. As a broker of considerable experience COMPASS was a natural choice providing the tools and corporate environment that further enables me to serve my clients.